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The Mystic Manager presents a unique approach to the development of positive corporate culture. The building blocks for this culture are creativity, empowerment, generosity, kindness, integrity, and systems sensitivity. The inspiration for this culture evolves through the intricate linking of two planets,  Eyespell and  Earth. The Mystic Manager is a fascinating  blend of fact and fantasy, enhanced with  inspiring imagery. It is an exciting and timely read. Eyespell and Earth come together in a universal dance that forever changes the existence of both worlds. This is choreographed through the Principles of Mystic Management grounded in compassion, community building, and a commitment to “prophets not profits.”  Mystic Management is an alternative to the greed and misuse of power that have brought us into our present horrific  economic situation.  The planet Eyespell has no economic system and refers to ours as “The Species Elimination Model.” 

The Mystic Manager is a vision on many levels. Its stated goal is to offer a unique approach to the development of positive corporate culture. Its higher purpose, however, is to create change in the world of business and help prevent us from destroying our planet through shortsightedness and greed.

I teach in the business department at the local community college. I have made it a personal mission to heighten my students' awareness of how greed and a basic lack of ethics is pointing us to global and irreversible disaster in just a few lifetimes from now. After our classroom discussions, however, I am always left with the big elephant in the room. How can one possibly generate enough positive change to stop such a massive machine of vested interests moving toward imminent destruction? How can one change the dynamics of an economic system that by its very nature leads to the elimination of every species on Earth including man?

I woke up from a nap the other day with a great epiphany.  If one were to convert The Mystic Manager into pure thought and allow it to leak into the collective global consciousness, maybe it could, by its very existence, be a tipping point for positive change. And I believe it's doing that, quietly and peacefully. The true intent of this book is beyond language and beyond the simply rational. It is a gift of spirit intended to raise awareness and instill a sense of urgency to do the right thing. As its author I am simply the book's messenger.


Dr. John Cicero has been an educator for more than four decades. He has held administrative and teaching positions, community college to graduate level. He has been a middle manager for a Fortune 500 company; a consultant to business, education and government; a sole proprietor; artist; and psychotherapist providing personal, marriage, and family counseling. His  PhD and MBA degrees are from Syracuse University. Cicero promised himself he would never write a typical management book. The Mystic Manager, clearly the fulfillment of that promise, successfully combines solid management theory and a highly developed sense of community and ethical behavior within an exciting story. The book fits no genre exactly . . . and therein lies its flavor, unique. The author lives in Northern  California  and  continues to teach full time at the local community college.

(excerpt from Chapter 2)

It had all the appearances of a normal Syracuse day for this reporter as I headed for Dinosaur’s Barbecue to meet with Phillip and Christian Hansen, proponents of what they call Mystic Management. By the time we had barely started lunch I sensed the day would be anything but normal. By the time late afternoon came and the lecture on the hill was over I sensed the whole world would soon be anything but normal. Phillip, noted psychologist and author, and his son Christian, CEO of Used Water Works, are advocates for a management philosophy that can only be dreamed of in this competitive and ever-changing global business environment. It would be fair to say that a spirituality underlies Mystic Management, a quality sorely lacking in what most of us have experienced as "business." The Hansens are uncompromising in their ideals, saying: "Should we hold generally accepted business practices as sacred and become further immersed in the post Future Shock clutter or should we hold high ideals as sacred in the hope of rising out of the clutter." Their high ideals take the form of the six primary tenets of Mystic Management: (1) Collaborative Creativity; (2) Ego Empowerment; (3) Gentle Generosity; (4) Karmic Kindness; (5) Inclusive Integrity; and (6) Systems Sensitivity.

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